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This newsletter is a compilation of all casual and exciting pieces of sports news and sports-related event updates from all around the world. The mantra behind Casual Spectator is to bring all die-hard sports fans news in such a way that they feel like spectating the games live. Some great tidbit for gossip with colleagues, family, and friends, isn’t it?

There is an endless buffet of sports treats served by Casual Spectator. Some of which include NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA Football, tennis grand slams, European Soccer, NCAA Basketball, golf majors, boxing, and so on. Each newsletter captures the exciting results of all these matches for the readers. And at the same time, it summarizes the major moves of the players that influenced the game. The easily digestible, simply put together commentary makes it a great read for sports lovers.

Casual Spectator is, however, not limited in its content. This newsletter does not allow its spectators to feel even slightly uninformed when it comes to the world of sports. In addition to all the action of the field, the newsletter also features trivia and other important details. These details are of not just the events and matches but also about the behind-the-scenes of them. Vital and juicy details such as the advertisement costs summary for a sports event, who will be singing the national anthem, and so on are a regular feature of the newsletter.

Moreover, there are no chances of you being left out of the upcoming matches and events if you are a subscriber of Casual Spectator. The newsletter dutifully keeps all its readers updated with all essential details concerning future events and matches planned in the sports world. It also includes video recommendations to make the experience all the better.

Casual Spectator follows a delivery pattern of two editions per week. However, if life in the sports world has slowed down to a trickle any week, then the newsletter may only be delivered once subjected to the volume of news flow. The newsletter is usually delivered in the early mornings, making it a great read en route to work or to liven up your dressing up ritual.


In 2014, Brandon DuBrueil and Nathaniel Emodi brought Casual Spectator to life with the sole aim of designing a newsletter that would be an easy read of all sports-related content for all casual sports lovers around the world. Thus the term “Casual Spectators” took birth.

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