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What You Get

Hacker Newsletter is a perfect choice for people who do not have time to read dozens of articles on tens of different online sources. If it is related to fresh start-ups, technology, developments in programming, Hacker will curate it for its readers.

In the weekly email, readers can find a variety of links to different sources. All of the links are related to the domains stated above. Since each link has a category with it, the readers do not have to click on every link to find the exact piece of information they are looking for.

The curated articles can be from a variety of categories e.g. news, opinions, analyses, reviews, questions and answers, tips, how-to guides, etc. In short, there is a lot to learn for marketers, to-be programmers, and tech enthusiasts in general.

A thorough scanning of the links in the Hacker Newsletter is more like surfing the internet for hours. So, anyone who wants to spend an insightful hour is sure to enjoy reading the newsletter.

Hacker Newsletter readers should be proud that every newsletter that comes to them is a result of manual work – no softwares and bots curating content automatically. The newsletter usually comes on Monday mornings, but due to manual labor going into its compilation, the time can change as well.

Behind Hacker Newsletter

Hacker Newsletter is like a bridge between one group of tech lovers and another group of tech savvy lovers (the readers). The team that curates these informative tech links understands the inundation of information on the internet about technology and programming. With so much happening all at the same time, people can get lost or not understand where to start when they want to read about these topics. Hacker Newsletter makes things easy for them.

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