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What Is Hackerpreneur Magazine All About 

Hackerpreneur magazine is a compilation of the best five or six case studies and stories. The Hackerpreneur team carefully selects these stories from the art, technology, and business intersection. Hackerpreneur believes that great writing should be glorified, preserved, and spread across geography and time. They believe in not allowing great content to disappear into the dark abyss of the web.

All the pieces featured in the magazine are written by artists, designers, entrepreneurs, VC’s or other creative people. They do not settle for freelancers, staff writers, or open submissions simply because they want stories and experiences of those who are already in the trenches.

The following are also a feature of the magazine:

  • The Hacker’s MBA

The Hacker’s MBA is a collection of case studies and videos of growth hackers and do-leaders who have built things with their own theories, ideas, and skills. Today’s distributed and technology-driven economy is the best to become an indie entrepreneur. All that’s needed is a proper guideline for turning the experience and skills into substance.

For this purpose, the Hacker’s MBA has been created by Hackerpreneur. They bring you inspirations from Robin Chase, Gavin Strange, Seth Godin, Aaron Draplin, Pieter Levels, Steve Jobs, Patrick Collison, Simon Sinek, Sophia Amoruso, Steve Blank, and a continuously evolving list.

Although it is nothing fancier than a couple of links, it is very helpful and completely free to use.

  • The Tiny Product Manual

The concept behind this manual is how every idea starts with nothingness and then begins to take the shape of reality. Every project starts with an idea as a follow up of a genius flash. The idea is built upon from there on until it forms into substantial stuff which can be sold as a product.

The Tiny Product Manual by Hackerpreneur assists individuals in giving atomic ideas the shape of tiny products. Shipping tiny products are the first step in helping individuals change the world with their genius.

Behind the scenes of Hackerpreneur

The magazine is meant to grab the attention of all those who are interested in the future of technology, ways of working, startups, and much more.

They have showcased contributions of Kevin Kelly, Henry Rollins, Ash Ambirge, Heidi Roizen, David Heinemeier, Eugene Wei, Ryan Hoover, Derek Silvers, and Daniel Gross and plenty more tastemakers and disruptors.

A free issue of the magazine can also be downloaded if the magazine is of interest.

Marc Eglon is the founder of the Hackerpreneur magazine and letterlist.com. He is a designer, writer, publisher, and scientist by profession. He carries an obsession with making things and believes that everyone can self-actualize and put a mark in the universe.

Marc Eglon believes that each one of us owes it to the universe to share our ideas and unique talents. For this very purpose, he has specifically created tiny, to help everyone build their tiny ideas.

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