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What You’ll Get

Jocelyn Glei is a subscription newsletter that features perceptive and meaningful content that relates to creativity, life, work, and much more. Every newsletter contains a message from Jocelyn Glei herself. It also contains some highlights from her podcast and links to curated content chosen by Jocelyn Glei.

The curated content highlighted in every newsletter includes insights, thoughts, and musings related to various topics that are related to creativity and life. The newsletter also covers topic from health, mental health, creativity, inspiration, life advice, and many other topics. The curated content comes from many different sources from the web so that the readers can enjoy a diverse content. The content in the newsletter rotates to keep things fresh and appealing.

Every newsletter comes with two pieces of highlighted artwork from a verity of international artists. It also comes with special offers for products or packages exclusively chosen by Jocelyn Glei. The special offers may include discounts, giveaway notices, and other handy information that will save you some money. At the end of the newsletter, there are shout outs with links to share and support.

The Jocelyn Glei newsletter is only sent through email. The newsletter is sent free. It is sent to the subscribers on a bi-weekly basis.

Behind Jocelyn Glei

Joselyn Glie is an extremely talented author, podcaster, and content creator. She strives to inspire people from around the world with the help of her amazingly thoughtful content and musings. Jocelyn Glie’s newsletters are highlights from her blog and the podcast that she runs, called ”hurry slowly”. Her podcast is all about helping people on how to improve their creativity and be more productive and resilient in their professional and personal lives.

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