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What Life Designed Newsletter Is All About

Life Designed is a weekly newsletter that focuses on lifestyle design. Every week’s edition of the newsletter features thought-provoking articles, self-development articles, and book recommendations.

Tomas Laurinavicius is the founder of ‘Life Designed’. He believes that you can design life and it is our responsibility to make it a journey of a lifetime. To help readers do that, he shares stories, articles, books, apps, and tools. Readers get access to his resources and notes on lifestyle design, future of work and financial independence.

The newsletter continues to share and inspire great knowledge. It encourages growth for all its readers. All the weekly updates on the newsletter are carefully curated. It is filled with cool tools, unconventional wisdom and stories that are relatable for every reader.

Behind the Scenes

Tomas Laurinavicius is the founder of the newsletter ‘Life Designed.’ He is a native of Lithuania and is a content marketing consultant, lifestyle blogger and an entrepreneur as well. Tomas is obsessed with books and travel, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design and selfdevelopment.

Since a very young age, Tomas was resourceful, curious, and autonomous. He always possessed a passion for creating things and solving problems. He was born in a family with humble resources but made his way to success with relentless dedication, hard work, and vision.

In 2011, Tomas graduated from Naujamiestis Secondary School and decide to make solid investments for his future. With that thought in mind, he completed his education in Multimedia Design and Communication in Denmark, from Business Academy Aarhus. It was here that Tomas was truly transformed from a village boy into an entrepreneur.

Tomas took his first internship at a design agency in 2012 in London. He dropped out of college at that point and in the same year launched Despreneur. This magazine catered to design entrepreneurs.

From there on Tomas has continued his journey and is currently working on content marketing consultancy, creating content that are valuable for customers and assists companies in designing content strategies that focus on their audience.

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