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What Morning Brew Is All About

While Morning Brew may tantalize your nostrils with the heavenly aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the newsletter itself is a far cry from your morning cup of java. However, you don’t need to start despairing just yet. While the business newsletter may not be your idea of a fanciful early morning beverage, the newsletter does a perfect job of bringing your senses to life each morning. The service is mainly a digital newsletter that was initially created for the sole purpose of providing business updates to college students. Owing to their huge success and popularity, they cater to a much wider audience now.

Just like there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning, there is nothing better than a newsletter delivered right into your inbox each morning. This one provides you with all the latest excitement in the financial world and all market-relevant news. That, dear friends, is what The Morning Brew Newsletter is all about.

Ever since the expansion in its target audience, the newsletter has expanded its columns too. It now features not just the regular tech and finance related news (which was their sole motive originally) but also entertainment and lifestyle trends.

What adds to the appeal of the newsletter is how they deliver their content in a stimulating manner. Their precisely expressive, humor-filled, and fashionable style adds to the freshness and uniqueness of the nature of the newsletter. For most people, the excitement of reading financial news is equivalent to the excitement of having a headache. However, this website is probably one of its kind, which makes even financial news reading an exciting activity. The website enriches its finance trend related news and all other featured news items with graphical representations.

How Morning Brew Was Created

Morning Brew was given life by Austin Ried (Co-founder and COO) and Alex Lieberman (Co-founder and CEO) in 2015. This took place while they were still students at the University of Michigan with a vision of providing the future captains and leaders of the business world with all business industry-related news. Since the time Morning Brew took birth, their growth has constantly been on the rise. They set a record of going from 180,000 subscribers at the start to 700,000 in the November of that same year.

They have lately just reached their one million targets and have also started offering a discount of 40%. The year 2018 generated a revenue of three million for the founders. In addition to this, they also now proudly enjoy a reputation of advertisement content creators for some of the biggest financial and tech industry giants, including Microsoft, Discovery Card, and JP Morgan.  Alex Lieberman was an employee of JP Morgan and certain other consumer brands before he took over Morning Brew full time.

What makes Morning Brew a champion in its industry is the ability of their team to provide just the right rhythm of content for the younger generation. They provide a free mailing service but do not, however, own an app as yet.

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