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This newsletter operates through an app or email. It brings the top ten and sometimes beyond ten, most popular stories for its readers at their fingertips. Dave Pell, who is the founder and chief writer of the newsletter, handpicks the news stories after carefully measuring the size of interest, excitement, and relevance that the news items would bring for the subscribers of Next Draft. The newsletter is punctually sent to the inboxes of the readers.

The ‘Next Draft‘ can be described as a one-man-show. The founder himself, Dave Pell, hand selects each piece of stimulating and fascinating stories by sifting through seventy or perhaps more new websites, in search of stories that are worth gracing the inboxes of his valued readers. From exciting to emotional to hilarious, this newsletter promises an emotional roller coaster ride for its readers.

This newsletter adopts a style of narration that is spell-binding, humorous, and witty (when the occasion calls for it) and punchy, too, in all the right places.

Every highlighted piece of news carries waves of Dave Pell’s distinctive and trademark style of wittiness and accuracy brought together in a beautiful combination.

Next Draft‘ follows a traditional pattern of email delivery and also delivers through an app available in the App store. The email and the app newsletter are both updated every morning. The app for ‘next Draft’ is currently available on the Apple store exclusively. It has not yet come up with a Google store app.


Dave Pell is the sole founder of ‘Next Draft.’ He heads the newsletter as a writer who had given birth to the idea of ‘Next Draft’ with the singular aim of providing readers with pieces of news that are valuable and doing so in the most productive, engaging, and original manner possible. He strived to set this newsletter apart by strongly forbidding duplications by news bots and algorithms. Most newsletters boast of providing “latest news” curated from popular sources or algorithms but never original. ‘Next Draft’ is set in its uniqueness by its practice of carefully handpicking all the material delivered to the readers.

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