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The performance series under the title of Nomad Readings enact and showcase the relationship of artists and their art. These performance series are held regularly in Brooklyn, and an email newsletter accompanies them. Each live performance of the Nomad Readings features a recitation of literature through prose and poetry. The art pieces from these artists are thus served to a minute, yet artistic inspection and the connection therein is examined carefully.

Information on each performance of Nomad Readings to take place is delivered in the newsletter. All details pertaining to writers’ names and photos that will perform, date, time, and venue of the performance to take place and entailing the detailed study of the artistic accomplishments and studies of the featured artists on the performance series of Nomad Readings.

The newsletter follows a regular delivery pattern through email that is subjected to changes depending on the live reading schedules of Nomad Readings. Although it is regularly delivered every week, there may be a gap sometimes during weeks when the readings are in progress.

There may also be certain occasions when the readers might see the newsletter featuring content, especially from the founders Taylor Johnson and Jayson P Smith, of Nomad Readings instead of the regular information concerning the future performances of Nomad Readings.


Nomad Readings has headquarters in Washington DC, Brooklyn, and NY. Taylor Johnson and Jayson P Smith are the brainstorms behind Nomad Readings. An artist from New York, Smith, has been recognized by publications including Fields magazine, West Branch; his overflowing creativity work has also been applauded by organizations including the Poetry Project, Callaloo, Arts Colony by Millay, and the Conversation Literary Festival. Johnson, on the other hand, is an artist based in Washington DC. Several noteworthy organizations have awarded him scholarships and fellowship, including Tin House, Callaloo, Vermont Studio Center, and Cave Canem. His work has been featured on Tin House, Third Course, Vinyl Poetry, Hayden Ferry Review, and India Review.

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