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Ann Friedman’s newsletter typically provides updates from the social content of the writer, for her subscribers every week. The newsletter additionally highlights content from her other online projects, including her very own podcasts. Furthermore, it contains Friedman’s personal thoughts concerning articles, books, entertainment media, poetry, etc. that she is currently reading. Also, it showcases what films, music, podcasts, television shows she is currently following.

You will also find a humorously animated gif and her meditative insights on politics, current events, and a lot more.

Ann Friedman newsletters are weekly supplied to the subscribers through email. The newsletters are dispatched every Friday morning to the inbox of the readers, making it a great start of the weekend as you travel to work or gear up for the day.

What could be a better choice of a companion than the newsletter itself for the podcasts of Ann Friedman? No other, of course. The rotating pattern of guest hosts adds more to the appeal of the newsletter along with its detailed coverage of the vast range of topics, including the current happenings of the day, movies, politics, and books.


A content writer and a journalist, Ann Friedman is known for her emphasis and analysis on gender studies through a journalistic approach, international culture, media, and politics. Ann Friedman has contributed to publications such as Book Review by The New York Times, NYMag.com, Elle, The Los Angeles Times, and The Guardian, and so on. Ann Friedman’s sense of personality, taste, and interests encompass everything from politics to pop culture and gender to media consumption. 

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