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What the Newsletter Brings

All the current highlights and popular news is a daily feature of this newsletter. The Daily Skimm not only updates you on what’s happening all over the world but also features a quote in its daily edition.

There’s something that sets the Daily Skimm apart from the rest of the newsletters. It does not leave the details of who, why, what, and where of its news missing.

Your day begins not only with a detailed update on what the world’s up to, but the newsletter also includes trending book recommendations, popular apps to download, television shows, movies, and a lot more as well.

The Daily Skimm reserves a special spot to feature and acknowledge all those people around the world who are making tremendous efforts to make the world a better place and highlight important birthdays as well.

All recap lovers have a treat in store for themselves too. The Daily Skimm has a weekly routine of uploading audio podcasts of a duration of ten minutes, known as Skimm notes. The Skimm notes summarize all the highlights and important news of the previous week for its subscribers.

For those who love looking into the future, The Daily Skimm features a Skimm ahead service that brings a combination of a calendar’s features. To quote the newsletter, it describes the Skimm ahead as the “the wonders of a Magic 8 Ball.

Popular events such as when Netflix will reshow a popular movie are there as smart reminders for Skimm Ahead’s readers to see.


Former news producers, known as the Skimm back then, founded the newsletter in 2012 right from their living room. Today, the newsletter is spread across the giant social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, email, Facebook, and the app store. It is one of the most popular go-to places for the latest, valuable, and up-to-date information from all around the world.

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