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Every Sunday brings the advent of the Sunday Letters Newsletter which is delivered via email to the readers. World-famous writer, Jane Marie, has amassed a fan following that has remained unmatchable for years, for her ponderings on love, personal life, losses and tragedies and everything related to human life and emotions. Through this newsletter, she often also discusses her personal experiences and writings. Every edition of the Sunday letters Newsletter is a thought stimulating, provoking letter that compels the readers into pondering deeply.

Every edition brings a soulful composition, lovingly put together by Jane Marie for her readers. Sometimes the letters may merely talk about her personal life experiences, while most times, the letters just follow her pattern of thoughts strictly, relating to a diversity of topics. Her letter comes as a refreshing and a much-needed break from the chaotic, fast pace of life all week and allows the readers to reflect on engaging, stimulating, and soul searching content, that stays with them even long after they’ve finished reading.

The tone of the Sunday Letters can best be described as meditative, sermonic, and insightful. It is designed to drive the readers into pondering upon their personal lives. It urges them to think about their conscious decisions, and mold and carve out their future.

The sole mode of delivery for Sunday Letters is via the email currently. The website for Sunday letters documents outlines of the former newsletter editions. For the privilege of accessing the complete version of the letters, readers are required to fill in a subscription for the publication. No charges or fees are required for the subscription. All that is needed is an email address, and the subscription becomes active.


The author of Sunday Letters, Jane Marie, was born in Croatia and then moved to Montreal, where she currently resides and works. She brought the Sunday Letters into existence in 2016. During the years, the newsletter has acquired a following from more than forty-two countries and enjoys unbeatable popularity. Some of Jane Marie’s other projects include freelancing for other writing projects from all around the globe.

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