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Each edition of Think Clearly newsletter brings insightful ponderings about life, various kinds of work, the marketing field, and all such topics about human life for their readers. The founder of Think Clearly newsletter himself designs an illustration, especially for each edition, which he pairs with thoughtful and meditative writings relative to the image illustrated.

The purpose of this newsletter is to help readers channelize their thought processes into a more definite and clear pattern. This would help them boost their potential and skills to succeed in life. Think Clearly had initially begun with a singular focus on marketing and entrepreneurial work. With the passage of time, it has expanded its horizons and embraced broader topics, reflecting more on life and careers as a whole.

Some of the topics that trended on the newsletter in the past included the differentiation between gifts and debts and how to tell the two apart accurately, the likelihood of being overtaken by automation, following and understanding prediction patters of marketing and business futures, and a lot more.

Think Clearly newsletter, like most others, follows a weekly delivery pattern via email. There is no certain schedule of delivery, and the time and days may vary. It is, however, mostly delivered while podcasts are in progress.

Think Clearly podcasts typically deliver the newsletter as a companion to the podcasts. Mathias Jakobsen is the founder of the newsletter and personally manages it as well. Free access is allowed to Think Clearly podcasts to subscribers of Think Clearly newsletter.


Mathias Jakobsen, a podcaster and a cartoonist, brought Think Clearly into existence. His primary goal behind his creation was to provide a platform that brought together thoughtful insights to help people refine their skills and boost their abilities for a healthy life and work life, to be adept at handling the ever-increasing work and marketing pressures and being a pro at striking just the right balance between work and life.

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