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What Wait But Why Brings You

The ‘Wait but why‘ website has launched its subsidiary product known as the ‘Wait but why’ newsletter. This product brings you a compilation of blog posts and a variety of content put together by a team of writers. Such content ranges from technological developments to lifestyle, insights into career choices, personal life, and a diversity of topics.

Wait but why’ features the most popular items from its website. It is periodically delivered to its subscribers and provides interesting resources by the authors of ‘Wait but why.’ The authors also add a lot of miscellaneous content for the readers’ interest. While the routine of the newsletter is a weekly delivery via email to its subscribers, it does not, however, follow a rigid schedule. As a means of flexibility, the delivery pattern may be infrequent for certain weeks.

Since the newsletter brings content put together by a series of writers, the tone of the content may vary generally. As a constant, however, the content does boast humor and simplicity in narration. As a glimpse of the detailed content, the newsletter contains a summary of each post. By looking at the short summaries of the posts, you can find out if a particular post is interesting enough for you to read it entirely.

What Lies behind the Newsletter

Wait, but why is a product of three contributors, Andrew Finn, Tim Urban, and Alicia McElhone. Each of these contributors has subsequently created newsletter highlights and customized content for the site. The idea was to come up with a newsletter that contained posts about every imaginable topic. It was created to bring engaging, but also humor-filled content for the readers to give them an in-depth vision of the world and life surrounding them. The genius of the contributors is evident in the on-point commentary, wittiness, humor, and even memes found in the content.

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