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What Sunday Dispatches is All About

Sunday Dispatches is a weekly newsletter founded by Paul Jarvis. In his newsletter, Paul shares his articles with thirty-five thousand subscribers. His articles talk about living and working online. He talks about creativity, freelancing, entrepreneurship, and everything that pertains to life for all those who work online.

The newsletter also features bonus content, which gives glimpses of how Paul Jarvis generates content every week, a breakdown of the market and cost of his self-published books, and also a warm welcome email.

Sunday Dispatches are delivered weekly and help the subscribers with becoming better creative, critically considering ideas that are usually not questioned and also helps in overcoming fears.

Many articles of Paul Jarvis are not available unless you are a subscriber of the newsletter, since they are exclusive to the newsletter.

Behind the scenes of Sunday Dispatches

Paul Jarvis is the founder of Sunday Dispatches and a writer and designer by profession. He also writes for Inc, Forbes, The Next Web, HuffPost, and Fast Company. He is famous for his humane and simple products. He also has a history of working with professional athletes, including Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Nash, and some corporate gods like Mercedes Benz. His experience even includes working with entrepreneurs owning online empires like Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte.

His most important project and the greatest source of pride is Sunday Dispatches, which is the culmination of all of the above mentioned.

Paul Jarvis founded Sunday Dispatches in November 2013. It is a weekly newsletter that contains a lot more than sales, growth, and other such schemes consuming the world at large. Paul creates his topics for this newsletter, such as what the masses are mostly struggling with, thinking about, or working on. For this purpose, he does a lot of in-depth research, communicating, and listening. Paul focuses mainly on regaling people with stories which they will enjoy. He also loves to hear stories of people in turn.

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